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UPVC Spraying is a specialized paint product designed for UPVC aluminium cladding spraying, which brings life back into your UPVC product and protects it for the future. It enhances it's appeal and restores the overall appearance of the property, potentially saving you thousands of pounds by avoiding replacement. The paint is UV protected, ensuring your UPVC looks like new all the times. All paint products are waterproof and come with a 10-year guarantee.

Our friendly City Decor team attend your property to undertake the respray, meaning work is completed in less time with no mess or building work. This results in minimum disruption to your business and staff, or to your home and neighbours. Surface areas are cleaned, masked, prepped and primed prior to the respray.


Once our paint has been applied to your UPVC window frames, doors and facias, it creates an extremely hard-wearing bond with the surface which is guaranteed to look super for 10 years.


As regards the colour: the choice is yours! We offer a full range, giving you the flexibility to choose a shade which best suits your property.

City Decor are your Staffordshire exterior paint respraying specialists with more than 25 years of experience!

See How City Decor Ltd Can Transform your UPVC

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